How can we help your news organization succeed?

Searching for the right information can be a daunting proposition.

Take this example: in September 2010 the United Steelworkers union butted heads with the Chinese government, claiming that China unfairly propped up its clean-energy sector to the detriment of thousands of American workers. The Union’s Section 301 Petition, filed with U.S. trade officials, boasted a brief 5,800 pages long detailing China’s transgressions. (And begging the question of just how the authors define “brief.”)

At Professional News Services, we specialize in sorting through this kind of hard-to-find information, such as legalese, financial reports and government filings.  So whether you’re a business publication looking to give investors an edge, or a local news outlet looking to go deeper into a story, our company can help find information that is right for you.